Let Go - abstract painting

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Let Go - abstract painting


Sunday October 22 / 1 - 5 (SOLD OUT)


Sunday November 26 / 1 - 5

In these mixed media large canvas painting workshops we will focus on the "letting go" of expectations and work in a process-driven way. You will be working on multiple canvases and Andrea will show you how to stay loose and free by going back and forth between your pieces.  You will learn about intuitive colour mixing and mark making.

These are great for beginners or for those with more experience. You are welcome to sign up for both workshops as we learn by repetition and trial. Andrea also offers GO BIG workshops and STUDIO SESSIONS to compliment these workshops. 

Supplies required:
3 or 4 canvases - largest size would be 20x20

Acrylic medium (gloss or matte)

Titanium white acrylic paint

5 - 8 colours of paint that you love. You don't need the most expensive paint but you do want to have enough to use. 

4-6 mason jars (wide mouth and short if possible - Canadian Tire has these)

paint brushes - house painting brushes are acceptable but my favourites are the flat wide brushes by Simply Simmons at the art store.

Island Blue Print offers 10% off to Poppet students, just mention this class!

We have a limited number of spots for this class due to size consideration. 

Questions? email info@poppetcreative.com

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