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Go Big


Sunday September 24 / 1:00-5:00


Sunday November 5 / 1:00-5:00

Go big or go home. Come paint a large canvas with Andrea. We will play with fun process - based techniques to get you started on a large surface. No experience required and this workshop will be all about discovering ways to put colour on canvas in an intuitive and abstract way!

*If you have done this workshop before, I encourage you to do it again. The idea with abstract painting is repetition and practice. Plus, I never approach a canvas exactly the same way so you are sure to see new tricks! New this Fall are the STUDIO SESSIONS that allow you to continue working on your canvases in the studio with my guidance and LET GO a workshop focusing on jumping between several paintings to stay loose and free.

Supplies required:
A big canvas - between 24x30 and  36x40

Acrylic medium - gloss or matte

Titanium white acrylic paint

5 - 8 colours of paint that you love. You don't need the most expensive paint but you do want to have enough to use. 

4 mason jars (wide mouth and short if possible - Canadian Tire has these)

paint brushes - house painting brushes are acceptable - think big!

Island Blue Print offers 10% off to Poppet students, just mention this class!

We have a limited number of spots for this class due to size consideration. 

Questions? email info@poppetcreative.com

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